Anne Gard



A Healer's Prayer

Master may I walk a little way in life
Along the path with you.
Share a little of the light of love.
When it comes into view.

From this light may I work and earn enough.
To bear a lamp for thee.
May I carry this lamp each day of my life.
A light for all to see.

And when I have earned my right to heal.
In the name of the God of love.
Make me always remember thath what I do.
Is given from God Above.

May I work in His name and give my life,
To serve as the Master taught.
When my work is done may I find looking back
That I gave in life what I sought.

May I light a candle bright enough to take
To the realms of light above.
Let me work so that when I pass from this llife.
I have earned your blessing and love.


Don Copland