We are constantly reminded of the importance of taking care of our outer environment. But what about our inner landscape and environment?


This is where it all starts. Because how we feel, think and act will reflect outward and manifest in the material world. Thoughts and feelings such as bitterness, worry, jealousy, hate and anger within us makes us create problems upon our selves and others. It destroys the environment within and around us.


Through meditation you will get to know your inner landscape and you learn to take control over your mind and calm down your body and mind in order to develop a calm and balanced relation to yourself and others and potential challenges that may occur on daily basis.


Meditation is to rest in the moment, just be right here and now and to acknowledge and accept all that is, as it is. There is a wide range of different types of meditation and relaxation techniques. But the goal is always to achieve peace and calm within one self.